Make the most of your LinkedIn network 

Keep all your contacts and notes in one place and be able to connect to the most relevant ones at a glance.
NetworkFlow - Browser extension to make the most of your LinkedIn network | Product Hunt


Keep track of your connections

Create notes

Create a note with everything you want to remember by just filling the browser extension that popup when you are on a profile

Categorize your Connections

For each new contact you are able to select its importance. Therefore you can quickly find the most relevant ones at a glance

Search Engine

With MeiliSearch, you are able to quickly search through your existing notes in a few milliseconds. It has never been this quick to find what you are looking for


You can easily access the list of notes you have taken, the list is sorted by relevance by default


Watch It In Action


Remember Every Single Contact you’ve ever made

Stop forgetting your contacts and start remembering with this browser extension that will help you to keep track of all the people you came across.


What You Get

Contact Categorization


World Class Support

Network Summary


Already available for every Chromium browser

The extension is currently compatible with Google Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge and all the browsers build with chromium. 

NetworkFlow - Browser extension to make the most of your LinkedIn network | Product Hunt


Choose A Plan That Works For You

You can try and use the extension with up to 100 contacts for free


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This extension is changing the way you keep in touch with your network. NetworkFlow is the most time-efficient solution to remember your relevant connections.

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